PMW Spares and Support

RCP have dedicated technical support available for many manufactured PWM products, our American partners have for years now manufactured Brake Control Systems (PWM-10, PWM-20, PWM80A-CL and 8727) that operate the Eddy Current Brakes, Driller’s Controls (8400IS, 7900HF, 7900 and 2025 units), Battery Back-up Systems to provide Emergency Power to the Eddy Current Brakes and Water Temperature and Flow Alarm Systems for the Eddy Current Brakes.

We are also able to supply many of the Eddy Current Brake parts including Bearings, Seal Sleeves, Seal Retainers, Oil Seals, Lockwashers, Locknuts, End Rings, Rotors, Shafts, Centre Plates and Rebuilt Magnet Assemblies and Rebuilt Eddy Current Brake Assemblies.

RCP stock many of the control boards used on the above equipment.