BOP Control System

BOP control systems can be supplied as either traditional push-button panels or with a modern HMI touch-screen control. Both options utilise Siemens PLC technology to reliably control and log a range of BOP and Diverter functions, all BOP functions can be recorded with the addition of the optional RCP event logger. Where required, dual redundant control systems can be supplied to offer an additional level of safety and reliability.

HMI control and operation of the BOP and Diverter is becoming an ever more popular choice with clients as a direct replacement for the pushbutton panel. We do however supply both HMI and traditional panels within the same system on a regular basis.

The single biggest advantage of using PLC / HMI technology in control systems is that the panels tend to be much smaller and fibre optic communication cables can be utilised in place of the more common multicore cables greatly reducing both cabling costs and installation time.

PLC based systems are easily configured to allow a single push-button command or alarm to automatically initiate a sequence of actions in the event of an emergency, if using HMI screens to control the operation additional screen pages can be added or the existing ones modified to add functionality.