Helideck Monitoring System

In collaboration with our trusted partners, Shore Connection, RCP offer the Helideck Monitoring System, a cost-effective solution to managing flights safely and efficiently between offshore vessels, rigs and onshore.

The system provides motion and meteorology information for offshore aviation and has various unique features which contribute to its success. Pre-flight reports are issued to assist with flight planning and can be emailed to operators to assist with forward planning and ensure safe condition for travel.

Renowned for its ease of use, the HMS is capable of supporting additional options such as video recording, wave radars, light control, sun radiation and sea water sensors.

This system conforms to UK CAA guidelines CAP437/CAP746; UK/Norwegian Standard HMS rev 8 from HCA, Bristow, Bond and CHC; Norwegian CAA/BSL D 5-1; Brazilian NORMAN 27; ICAO Annex 14; Optional Norwegian BSL G 7-1, Norsok T-100.