Probes and Sensors

BOP probe and mud flow transmitter

When monitoring a well where increased pressure and temperatures can be expected, a higher degree of accurate well data can be obtained by utilising sensors to measure the temperature and pressure of the well bore by fitting a BOP probe directly to the Blow out preventer, the probe is usually fitted to the BOP in place of a blind flange.

BOP probes can be fitted to both surface and subsea BOP’s alike and would generally be integrated into a RCP HPHT system. BOP probes are suitable for measuring pressures of up to 15000psi in a water depth of 3300m

BOP probes can be hard wired to the stack or engineered to be disconnected by an ROV before retrieving the BOP.

RCP well control and monitoring equipment is supplied with Data logging as standard.

Mud flow transmitters (MFT)

A rugged design that is ideally suited for harshest of environments. One of the few products certified suitable for use in zone 0 areas. Precise measurement from the encoder offers far greater accuracy of the return mud flow over the more traditional potentiometer driven sensors.

With a wide range of gauges a simple system can be supplied rapidly as we hold sensor units in stock.

Two system options are available, flow display only or flow display with data logging.

Mud flow transmitter options:

• Sensor unit only – 4 – 20mA output (Stock item)

• MFT system inclusive of analogue or digital gauge and alarm indication