Choke Control Console

Rig Control Products design and supply a wide range of high quality instrumentation and pressure control equipment, our choke and kill control systems are renowned for their quality of build and reliability. Systems are typically designed to actuate auto chokes or gate valves using single system pressures normally set between 300 to 1500psi. Rig Control Products also offer integrated systems where more than one operating control pressure is required.

Each choke and kill system is specifically designed to ensure that the swept volume actuator requirements for your valve control applications are easily met.

Adopting twin ferrule compression fittings throughout our range of pressured drilling instrumentation equipment ensures leak free connections and trouble free operation and reduced maintenance.

The design layout and selection of high quality components used in building our choke and kill control consoles have all been carefully considered leading to what has been described by clients as a “highly reliable and quality piece of well control equipment”.

Our systems are compatible with a wide range of valves including WOM and Cameron products.

All choke and kill control systems come with fully independent ATEX certification which ensures impartial compliance with the latest regulatory requirements, all choke and kill control consoles are fully API16C compliant.


• 6” glycerine filled gauges with dampers

• 25psi increments clearly marked on gauge

• Accurate speed control adjustment with bypass

• Stainless steel construction throughout

• Twin ferrules used throughout system

• Choke Valve Speed Control

• Choke position display


• Single and Dual choke control console

• Single or dual working pressures

• Floor standing or wall mounted choke control panels

• Internal / external HPU

• Accumulator / Nitrogen backup

• Fine Scale Gauges

• Integrated Pump stroke counter

*All consoles are available with integrated Pump Stroke Counter.

Integrated Well Control systems (Bespoke systems)

Where a broader scope of central control is required Rig Control Products have the knowledge to resolve the design and integration issues of a number of traditionally independent control packages. One such example of this challenge was for an Asian client who commissioned us to integrate the following well control equipment: choke and kill control with accumulator backup, gate valve control, liquid seal monitor, pump stroke counter and a quantity of valve position indicators.

Rig control products working in close collaboration with Rig controls products Singapore were able to design and build four similar systems with American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) design review approval and meeting all the requirements first time.

Mud pump stroke counter (PSC)

This product falls directly under equipment suitable for installation in a zone 1 hazardous area. The mud pump stroke counter is an Exd enclosed PLC controlled system which is designed to monitor up to 4 mud pumps at any one time and display the read back using a backlit screen. The system is quick to install and simple to operate.

The system is fully certified by an independent body ensuring it is ATEX compliant.


• AC powered with battery back-up

• Certified for use in zone 1 hazardous area

• Clear backlit text display

• High alarm set points

• Display options: Panel mount or Standalone display

• Rapid installation and set-up