Disk Brake Control - Conversions and Support

Over the years many drilling rigs have replaced their older less powerful band brakes for modern disc brakes which are a direct means of increasing the rigs load holding capacity.

Rig control products have designed and built a number of bespoke hydraulic power units for such conversions which were used to give greater control over braking under increased loads and help reduce drillers fatigue by replacing the old mechanical brake handle with an electronic joystick controller giving proportional control over the disc brake.

Electronic components basically converted braking current demand into pneumatic pressure used to control servo mechanisms which were then used to control hydraulic fluid pressure supplied to each of the individual brake calipers.

With this experience RCP were duly commissioned to undertake several band brakes to disc brake conversions which involved the full conversion and fitting of new disc brakes to the drawworks.

We also continue to support 3rd party OEM disc brakes such as Chinese manufactured systems where we offer compatible European / American produced parts to replace the Chinese components.