Eddy Current Brake Control

The RCP brake controller utilises modern power electronic components to rapidly supply 250 volts DC to the auxiliary brake coils in response to an input voltage derived from an intrinsically safe brake handle. The brake controller is a highly responsive system which delivers power to the coils in a controlled and linear fashion across all ranges. Power for the system is derived from a three phase full wave silicone controlled rectifier assembly supplied by a 30KVA, 60Hz 440VAC 3 phase transformer.

The highly responsive nature and improved reliability of the SCR controlled system will enhance the safety of the drill floor for crew and travelling equipment alike. Depending upon configuration, brake controllers can be fitted into a number of safe or hazardous area enclosures designed to suit your requirements.

RCP brake controller features:

• Compatible with a wide range of Electromagnetic or Eddy current type brakes

• Highly responsive and linear across all ranges

• SCR technology ensures rapid application of voltage to brake coils

Operators monitor and review the status of the system using the 10” colour panel which is programmed to display information including optional fault monitoring and the battery backup status. Additional screen pages will show alarms, alarm history and also system diagnostics, maintenance and setup.